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Cottage Nursery
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Welcome to The Cottage Nursery

The Cottage Nursery is a registered charity limited by guarantee providing high quality childcare in the Shrivenham and Watchfield area and runs under the leadership of Managers Clare Olden and Trudi Krzywiec and a Board of Trustees. The nursery is closely linked with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and offers places to families attending the college as well as to local residents of the surrounding area.

The History Behind ‘The Cottage’

cottageIn 1987, Beckett Crèche was started by two mothers with a small grant for toys and some leftover emulsion. It ran every morning with 3 adults and 15 children. The numbers grew steadily and in 1995 the crèche merged with Beckett School, which was then closing. It was renamed The Cottage Nursery and had 125 children, 4 full -time staff and 12 part-timers, located in Beckett Cottage on Park Avenue, Shrivenham within the grounds of the Defence College of Management and Technology.

Once the decision to build the Joint Services Command and Staff College at Shrivenham was taken it became clear that the physical limitations of the cottage site would leave many new families without childcare provision when the college opened in September 2000. Alexander Hall, Faringdon Road, Watchfield was identified as being a more suitable site and so the nursery re-located.

The nursery has come a long way since its humble beginnings and now has in the region of 25 full and part-time staff and is registered to take up to 150 children, which equates to about 80 children each day. But its belief in quality childcare and its flexible service has remained the same and so The Cottage Nursery kept the name even though it no longer operates from that quaint little cottage!

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Fire pit

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As a special treat for the pre-school children we got the fire pit out and toasted some marshmallows. We first talked about fire safety and the precautions we would have to take to keep safe. They came up with lots of good ideas, with ‘calling fireman Sam’ a firm favourite! We then headed out into…

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Sports day

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Today we had our sports day for the Panthers and Lions rooms! The sun was shining and we had the most wonderful morning! The children got to show off their sporting skills with races such as the egg and spoon, balancing a bean bag on their head and taking on the obstacle course. The sense…

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