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Building the three little pigs houses

Today the children had a discussion at lunchtime about the three little pigs and the houses they built so it was decided after lunch that they would try and build them! They all went out to the grassed area and collected as many sticks as they could before beginning to build. They started off by…


Open Morning

Thank you to everyone who made it to our open morning, the children really enjoyed being able to share some of their morning with you. If you were unable to attend this time we are planning to have another open morning in January so hopefully you can join us then. In the mean time don’t…


Family BBQ

Thank you very much to everyone who came and joined us for our BBQ a couple of Fridays ago! The weather was kind and we had a lovely few hours in the garden getting to chat to everyone and almost see in the end of term. The money raised will be added to our fundraising…