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Explore News by Panthers Room

This room caters for the younger F2 stage children from 2 ½ upwards. Check out the latest news for the Panthers room on this page. You can read all about the Panthers room by selecting Panthers under the ‘Rooms’ tab on the navigation bar.

Armistice Day 2019

Today Panthers and Lions took a walk to the local church to put our Poppy Wreaths down with the memorial as a sign of our respect. The lions then did a two minute silence, which they were all superb at. Here is a video to help your children to understand what remembrance day is. Lest…


Autumn fun!

This week the children in Panthers and Lions have been having lots of autumn fun. We have been exploring the leaves that have fallen from the trees by jumping in them and throwing them up in the air. The children used a broom to sweep them into a huge pile for them to play with…


From Caterpillars to Butterflies.

This term the Panthers children have been learning the life cycle of a caterpillar. The children checked on the caterpillars each morning to see if they could see any changes, and to make sure they had enough food. After a few weeks they began to change into a chrysalis (cocoon). Eventually we had 4 beautiful…