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The Tiger’s Room





The Tigers room is for children between 18 months and 2 years 11 months, which allows the children to spend a whole academic year in the room. As the year progresses and the children turn 2 the staff to child ratio changes from 1:3 to 1:4. The children are encouraged to start to become more independent than the children in the Cubs room, the room is large which offers the children lots of space to move about with a separate art and messy play area, a ‘cosy corner’ and lots of space for ‘small world play’. The Tigers have use of all of our outside space.









There is not an opportunity for children to have a sleep during the morning as the session is busy with activities, however children staying all day can have a sleep in our sleep room after lunch.


Each child has a keyperson who will become their ‘special’ person at nursery, we operate a ‘Buddy’ system just in case your keyperson isn’t in one day.  We work to the EYFS and a ‘Learning Journey’  is produced for each child which charts their development, as part of our ‘Parents’ in Partnership’  we encourage contributions throughout the year by completing ‘At Home I Can’ slips,  parents can look at the Learning Journey at any time, if you want to take it away and comment then you are most welcome but we will ask you to sign it out so that we can keep track of it as it really is quite important, it is then yours to take away with you when it comes to the time for your child to leave the nursery.













(Content updated 29/10/2021)

Half Term Update November 1st – December 17th 2021

Half Term Update September 1st 2021 – October 31st 2021

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