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Half Term Update November 1st – December 17th 2021

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It has been another wonderful half term. Here are some of the activities the rooms have been up to over the past half term. If you would like to see weekly updates of what we get up to here at The Cottage Nursery then head on over to our nursery Facebook page, by clicking HERE.


The Lion’s children have had lots of fun creating potions in their potion tray, working on their fine motor skills using scissors to cut tape to make magical wands. They also took a walk with Panthers to lay a poppy wreath for Remembrance Day.
















Panther’s have using the brooms to sweep up the leaves outside to creating a jumping pile, which was great fun. They have also been looking at different patters fossils can make in the sand tray. We’ve had a loose parts Christmas tree that the children have decorated everyday independently, talking about colours and textures.
















Tigers really enjoyed painting their pumpkins this year and taking all the gooey insides out and exploring in a tray. They have also had a dinosaur tuff tray which was a big hit along with using loose parts to paint with.
















Cubs have had a lovely half term too, exploring the lovely autumn weather by going on welly walks, working on their fine motor skills by putting loose part items on and in different items, they have also been using the magnifying glasses to search for insects and lots of fun art activities.

Half Term Update September 1st 2021 – October 31st 2021

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