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Fire pit

As a special treat for the pre-school children we got the fire pit out and toasted some marshmallows. We first talked about fire safety and the precautions we would have to take to keep safe. They came up with lots of good ideas, with ‘calling fireman Sam’ a firm favourite! We then headed out into…


Sports day

Today we had our sports day for the Panthers and Lions rooms! The sun was shining and we had the most wonderful morning! The children got to show off their sporting skills with races such as the egg and spoon, balancing a bean bag on their head and taking on the obstacle course. The sense…


Mary has a little lamb (well we did for a visit!)

On Friday a few weeks ago we were very lucky that one of our parents brought a lamb in for us to meet. The lamb who was named “Will-I-Lamb” was extremely well behaved and seemed very un-phased by all the petting. Thank you very much for the opportunity.  


A visit from the fire service

On Monday the panthers and lions had a visit from the fire fighters! They showed us round the engine explaining what their equipment was used for and then we got to have a sit in it. Then came the even more exciting part, we got to have a go with the hoses! They set up…


Zoo Lab

On Tuesday Zoo Lab came to visit the Panthers and Lions. They told a wonderful story called “We are going on an animal hunt” and introduced us to some of their animal friends. The children were very brave and excited to be up close with the animals, some we could only look at, some we…


The Royal Wedding

To celebrate the Royal Wedding we had a tea party on Friday morning. We were treated to a delicious snack which included cucumber sandwiches and scones! All the children got chance to take part in craft activities based on the special occasion, a lovely morning was had by all.