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Autumn fun!

Post by Site Administrator in Lions Room, Panthers Room

This week the children in Panthers and Lions have been having lots of autumn fun. We have been exploring the leaves that have fallen from the trees by jumping in them and throwing them up in the air. The children used a broom to sweep them into a huge pile for them to play with once finished. Later in the week the maintenance men came with their big leaf blowers and all the children were intrigued by the leaves blowing around. We also went on a treasure hunt in the garden to find the hidden bowl of bubbles, the children in Lions were very good at listening to Zoe’s clues and were able to guess the answers of where they could be. They were all engaged in trying to blow bubbles and watching them blow in the wind. On Wednesday Zoe brought her drill from home for the children to have a go at drilling holes into a pumpkin, they were very good at listening to instructions and some of the older children understood why we need to be safe. On Thursday we had a fancy dress party with a picnic snack and face painting! All the children had a really great half term and are excited to see their friends next week.


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